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November 4, 2009 – Original Source: The Sun

A “BIONIC” baby’s umbilical cord was frozen after birth – so it can be used to create replacement body parts if he falls ill in the future.

Daniel Aspinall will be the first in Britain to benefit from pioneering stem cell technology.

In years to come, stem cells in the cord could be used to regenerate blood, bone, cartilage, muscle, tendons and immune systems.

Mum Paula, 34, said: “If he were to be paralysed, scientists will use his cord tissue to re-grow his nerves, curing him of immobility.

“He could also use it to beat heart disease and dementia as the cord tissue will be able to regenerate cells in his heart and brain.

“I hope we won’t ever have to, but the potential is truly amazing.”

Medics froze the cord using liquid nitrogen within 20 minutes of Daniel’s birth last week. Office manager Paula, of Northwich, Cheshire, will pay £1,890 to store it for 20 years at a private tissue bank in Nottingham.

The cells could also aid Daniel’s sister Megan, three, and his parents.

Manchester University professor Judith Hoyland said: “The area of regenerative medicine is hugely exciting and no longer in the sphere of science fiction.”



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