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Comments on: "Animals are moving north about 15 feet (5 metres) a day to try to escape global warming" (1)

  1. Maybe humans have to move one day too?
    Since we don’t know the full future impact of climate change, it’s impossible to be prepared.
    We can only go back in time to search for what happend long time ago. Climate change will always be with us. It’s natures change for “renewal”.
    Why don’t you search in Egypt, where their world history shows, that the sun has been rising in the West instead of the East 4 times. But, of curse, we don’t believe that… We are so much more clever with our Geology and Archaeology sience now… we think.
    But the fact is, that, at least, these to sciences are more than not unreliable in their facts and timespans.
    I really don’t know, why I make these comments- nobody will listen anyway, and those, that know it all, will still have a lot to learn.

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