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Comments on: "Out of Africa’s end?" (1)

  1. Homo Sapiens developed in the North of our globe long time ago. The “Africa developement stories” are not even theories- only hypothesis (reading anticipated “facts “0000000”of years ago from a scull… Africa didn’t even exist then!
    By the way- in Germany a 2 meter long spear was found some years ago. The age was discovered to be 2,ooo,ooo years old. How does all this fit in with the “Africa and any other hypothesis”?
    There was a time I remember, that scientist agreed, that Homo Sapiens developed in the North, but the opinions probably changes every decade (at least!) due to new “discoveries” which not necessarily is agreed upon by all scientist. Scientists don’t work together, because everybody wants to make a name for him- or herself. So, don’t worry- there’ll be plenty more “discoveries” to come to choose from.

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