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Comments on: "Fringe-ology: How a down-to-earth journalist tried to explain away the unexplainable – and couldn’t" (1)

  1. Orthodox scientists still have a very, very long way to go to find, what others already have found long, long time ago.
    These scientists are just too afraid to find something they can’t feel, see, measure etc.
    So be it. Maybe the time is not right for them. But there’s just something, I like to tell them:
    “You can never say yes or no to any statement, unless you have done your unbiased research into it.”
    Forget everything you now of your orthodox science for the time being, and start with an open mind.
    Remember, that a real scientists never will expect his accumulated knowledge as the final truth coming from the” Holy Grail of Science”. That would absolute arrogance. Do you own thinking…

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