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Comments on: "Maya begin ‘end of era’ countdown" (3)

  1. “The experts say…”. What experts? “Experts” in what? These” experts” don’t know anything about the hidden meaning at all, because they haven’t got the key the need.
    These experts might just be experts in materialism- because they never learnt anything else.
    I have always been very scared about “expert”…

    • NovaScience said:

      Maybe experts mentioned on this page?

      • No, the Maya’s didn’t “predict” anything, and neither is “the end of the world” coming around the corner either.
        But neither does it mean that nothing will happen. There might be a geological adjustmend of their coast line which has been erodet during the time. If it collapses, it will create an initial tidal wave of 650 meters hight according to you brothers in arms, the scientists.
        The consequences of such an event I will leave to your imagination.
        All your Mayan “calendar knowledge” is lifeless, just another date of time for you… a typical materialistic assesment.
        The initiated Mayan’s knew what it meant.
        What is your point of reference, and which number has to be used in connetion with the point of reference?

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