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“Here are some of the possible applications of Touche:
– A smart doorknob that knows whether to lock or unlock based on how it is grasped
– A smartphone that silences itself if the user holds a finger to her lips
– A chair that adjusts room lighting based on recognizing if a user is reclining or leaning forward
– Body gestures to control devices, such as such as touching fingers, grasping hands and covering ears to control a music player
– Liquids that are touch sensitive
– A cereal bowl that alerts you if you are using the wrong utensil
– A sensing sofa that turns on the television or the lights”


Comments on: "New Technology Enables Touch Interaction on Everyday Objects, Liquids and Humans" (1)

  1. Yes- some avenues of science develope with great speed, and I wonder, what the repercussions will be? How do we cope with? How do we use it?
    Living in a world of duality, I ask myself, what the opposite repercussions will be, because things can only be known by their differences.
    Any suggestions?

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