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“While I expected only nonsense to come out of Shermer’s (Michael Shermer, founding publisher of Skeptic magazine) mouth, he did make some logical points… and—the best and most obvious one—there is no such thing as the paranormal or the supernatural; there are only the normal, the natural, and the things we can’t explain yet.

And while he lauded speakers who openly reported not knowing the answers to certain questions, he made blanket statements with no objective support about the impossibility of an afterlife: “Where does Aunt Millie’s mind go when her brain dies? Nowhere!”

Now, I get it that if he changes his story, he will lose his job, his reputation, his income, and the drooling adoration of sheep-like followers everywhere, but it surprises me nonetheless when a grown, educated man gets up in front of a crowd and makes claims that clearly refute each other: (1) there are things we can’t explain yet and (2) it is a fact that consciousness is created by the brain and cannot survive death. He can make claim #2 only by ignoring the numerous phenomena demonstrating that responsible scientists need to at least entertain its opposite (e.g., terminal lucidity, out of body experiences, near-death experiences, mediumship, etc.).”

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