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“… while the crisis of civilisation shows that business-as-usual is not sustainable – and could at worst lead to an uninhabitable planet by the end of this century based on the consensus science projections – we are already in the midst of a process of civilisational transition which offers unprecedented opportunities to re-envision new forms of prosperity that can function in harmony with our environment, rather than in conflict with it.”


Comments on: "The crisis of civilisation is an unprecedented opportunity" (1)

  1. Yes, we have reached the peak of our “civilisation” and ended up in a “cul the sac”. Changes are necessary and will come- but not from a Monday to a Tuesday. The process will be long and brutal. Big companies and similar organisations will fight against any change, that will be to their disadvantage. We have experienced that in the past with countries, that have changed from a dictatorship to a democracy.

    Before a new house can be build, the old house has to be broken down…

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