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The crisis of civilisation is an unprecedented opportunity

“… while the crisis of civilisation shows that business-as-usual is not sustainable – and could at worst lead to an uninhabitable planet by the end of this century based on the consensus science projections – we are already in the midst of a process of civilisational transition which offers unprecedented opportunities to re-envision new forms of prosperity that can function in harmony with our environment, rather than in conflict with it.”


Towards A New World – Economic Disaster Unfolding In Cyprus

“something that could eventually effect us – and is beginning to send ripples through the Eurozone already”

AFP: Greenpeace chief warns of ‘perfect storm’ of crises

“We are seeing a convergence of multiple crises happening at the same time. A food crisis, climate crisis, poverty crisis … and then of course the financial crisis and a demographic crisis and a global governance democratic crisis”

Video: It takes a crisis?

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Video: It will take 5 Earths?

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Video: Un-economic growth?

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