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Extreme Weather Is the New Climate Reality

“In 2011, extreme weather caused more than $148 billion in economic losses, and $55 billion in insured losses globally. We’ve just lived through the warmest decade on record. Just a normal variation in the weather? “No,” is the overwhelming scientific consensus. Human activity is changing the climate, and the climate is changing the weather.”


NASA: Human Activity, Not Solar Activity, Drives Global Warming

“A new NASA study underscores the fact that greenhouse gases generated by human activity — not changes in solar activity — are the primary force driving global warming.”

“The Climate Has Shifted to a New State Capable of Delivering Rare & Unprecedented Weather Events”

“The laws of physics demand that the huge amount of heat-trapping gases humans are pumping into the atmosphere must be significantly altering the fundamental large-scale circulation pattern of the atmosphere.
Stronger hurricanes, bigger floods, more intense heat waves, and sea level rise have been getting many of the headlines with regards to potential climate change impacts, but drought should be our main concern. Drought is capable of crashing a civilization.”

Video:”TEDxPSU – Michael Mann – A Look Into Our Climate: Past To Present To Future”

Is global warming slowing?

“there’s no indication that global warming has slowed at any point”

Three-quarters of climate change is man-made

“Natural climate variability is extremely unlikely to have contributed more than about one-quarter of the temperature rise observed in the past 60 years, reports a pair of Swiss climate modellers in a paper published online today. Most of the observed warming — at least 74 % — is almost certainly due to human activity, they write in Nature Geoscience.”

Current Global Warming Is Unprecedented Compared to Climate of the Last 20,000 years, Study Finds

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