My Bookmarks on Science & Technology, Climate Change, Astrobiology, Genetics, Evolution

Climate Change Links

NASA – Climate Change

NASA – Climate Change FAQ

NASA Earth Observatory – Global Warming

NOAA – Climate

NOAA – Global Climate Change Indicators

NASA GISS – News & Feature Releases

UK Met Office – Climate guide

UCAR – Understanding Climate Change

UCSUSA – Global Warming Science

USCUSA – Global Warming FAQ

CIRES – The Climate Change Collection

“Global Warming: Understanding the Forecast” – video lectures by David Archer


AGW Observer. Observations of anthropogenic global warming

IPCC – Assessment Reports


Swiss Glacier Monitoring Network

Global Glacier Changes: facts and figures

Suffolk County Community College – Glacier length changes (GIF Image)


Arctic Report Card (NOAA)


Compare Images of Antarctic Sea Ice Extent Side-by-side

Antarctic Meteorological Research Center

British Antarctic Survey

Forecasts of Antarctic Sea Ice

NOAA – Sea Ice – Arctic vs. Antarctic

NSIDC – Images of Antarctic Ice Shelves

WAIS Divide Ice Core Project



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